The Art of Rich Daley

Fire In the Belly


Fire in the Belly is a branding and packaging study that encompasses two spicy food products, Fire in the Belly Chili and Fire in the Belly Hot Sauce. The chili is made from my father's  famous steak chili recipe, and the hot sauce is my attempt to develop my own homemade hot sauce recipe. Careful when tasting though! You may feel a slight melting sensation. 


I wanted this project to be jam-packed with character to reflect the level of heat we've squeezed into these products. A fire breathing dragon seemed like an appropriate place to start. After illustrating the dragon, I used responsive design techniques to develop the look, color and messaging for the brand. I made sure to make each product feel distinct but also as if they were part of a greater body of work. 



Hot Sauce Label Size: 5" x 3"; 5 fl OZ Bottles
Chili Label Size: 11" x 4";  25.5 OZ Bottles

Adobe Illustrator
Printed by Bluedge