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Muffy MacMouse: and the Village of Friendship


The Muffy MacMouse Children's book series is written by author, Kate Emery, and consists of three books. Their titles are, "Muffy MacMouse and the Village of Friendship," " Muffy MacMouse and Christmas in the Village," and "Muffy MacMouse Comes to Paragon Park." 

The stories tell the of adventures of Muffy MacMouse, and his struggle to learn the importance of caring and sharing. He is accompanied by several other residents of the Village or Friendship, which represent each of Kate's many grandchildren. Together they help Muffy in his quest to better himself.  

Muffy MacMouse has been featured in "South Shore Magazine," and can be purchased in local book stores, such as Story Book Cove of Merchant's Row in Hanover, MA. In addition it can be bought online on on Amazon here

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Size: 8"w x 10"h; 36 pages
Pencil, Ink, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Publisher: Muffy Enterprises; Hard Cover 




Taken during the Muffy MacMouse book signing on  November 24th 2013

Taken during the Muffy MacMouse book signing on November 24th 2013