The Art of Rich Daley

Down East Cider

Downeast Cider is a craft cider house based out of Charlestown, MA. I was recently given the opportunity to help design the can for a potential future grapefruit infused cider. Using their template, and brand guidelines I created the design above. I looked at their other cans and flavors for inspiration, and landed on a design that combined some of their newer designs with their original. 

Also included is a design test I did for Downeast before designing the can. They asked me to come up with a poster design for a fictional cider that was infused with marijuana called "420 Blend." At this point in my relationship with Downeast I did not have any of their brand guidelines or assets. I did my best to match their brand and created my own version of their iconic wave pattern from their Original Blend. I flipped it upside down and made it look like smoke coming out an apple pipe.