The Art of Rich Daley

Stooges Brewing Co.


Stooges Brewing Co. was started by three childhood friends; Austin Williams, Liam Feldstein and myself.  We are all avid beer lovers and had been talking about giving  home brewing a shot for a few years. Cutting corners was not an option though, and we agreed that if we were going to sink our time into it we would give it our all. Luckily, the planets and our schedules aligned and in the fall of 2017 Stooges Brewing Co. was born.

Our beers are the Blubber Hunter IPA and the Belly Warmer Ale. 



Stooges Logo

Several names were mulled over before finally landing on Stooges. We all grew up watching the Three Stooges with our fathers and felt the name had a great familiar/timely sound to it. It was important to us that our brand was its own thing though, and not a close reflection of what we were trying to honor.

As the company's creative director, I wanted to make sure our brand and identity commanded attention if placed on store shelves. I decided the best approach was to go with a typographic logo. This direction allows for a ton of freedom and utility when designing other marketing tools,  beer labels and collateral. I played around with type, size, shape wording, and layout for awhile until finally landing on the design you see above. 


Blubber Hunter IPA

It was decided unanimously that Stooges Brewing Co.'s  first beer would be an IPA. We started looking at recipes and picked a reliable east coast/english style beer that relied on Kent Golding and Warrior Hops for it's flavor. 

Early on, a nautical theme was singled out for the beer's name and label. Researching whaling terms became our homework, and when the term blubber hunter was discovered we all fell in love with it. It is a name that's historical, yet playful and comical at the same time.  A winning combination. 

I always try to implant some form of story into my designs whenever I can, and so I turned to Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick" for inspiration.  I knew a sailor had to be involved somehow, especially one that looked salty and roughed up from his many trips out to sea. His design and the design of the label went through many iterations, but it wasn't until I implemented a sense of scale by adding in his arch enemy that things really came together. 


Belly Warmer Ale

Coming soon...


Working through the branding and label design for Stooges Brewing Co. was such a fun challenge! Here are the finished designs, as well as some rejected ideas and color schemes.

What's Next? 

Stooges Brewing Co. plans to continue on brewing Blubber Hunter IPA as well as introducing a second style of beer in early 2018. 

Designs have been submitted and production has begun on a tap handle. Special thanks to Benoit Design Co. for helping make this cool custom project happen!

Our website is currently under construction, and will hopefully be active in the very near future.


Label Size: 6" x 5"; 22 OZ Bottles
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator